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Bijoy Krishna

Formerly a professional DJ under a different name, Bijoy Krishna found it more appropriate to use his birth name within the yoga/mantra/bhakti community. As a DJ, his name had always been synonymous with soulful, bumpy and bass-heavy dance music. Born in the UK, he made the move to the Netherlands as a teenager. Over the years he evolved into one of Holland’s most respected & legendary DJs. Under the Soho Connection banner, he introduced House music to the Netherlands collaborating with ID Magazine, Family Funktion & Shake ‘n’ Fingerpop from London. 10 years on and again he was at the forefront, introducing the UK Garage sound to the Netherlands. Bijoy also set up his Bubble Club event which ran for about 4 years, he held a 12-year residency at Amsterdam’s legendary Club RoXY and he hosted radio shows, played festivals and DJ-ed sets with live musicians. As well as travelling to DJ in variety of countries, he also collaborated in the studio on a few underground dance tracks and released and mixed 7 compilation CDs.

His vast experience has made him a very versatile DJ, capable of blending a whole range of music styles. During his set you could hear classics as well as the latest dance bombs; anything ranging from house, UK Garage and breaks, from Dubstep to Jungle/DnB and Reggae, funk and afro-latin beats.

In June of 2016 @ the Kulimela event in New Vrindaban, USA, Bijoy Krishna played a most unexpected set and set the dancefloor on fire. He did the same in 2018 @ Kulimela, Belgium. He spiced up his groove appropriately for the 2nd & 3rd generation Krishna devotees incorporating Asian & Eastern flavours, spiritual lyrics and a touch of Bhangra. Thus, when playing for a spiritual community, Bijoy adds a twist, emphasizing positive lyrics, bass heavy grooves and intricate rhythms; in simple terms he calls it ‘Global Electronica’. He feels that the more modern, harder edged dance tracks are great for a younger crowd whilst the warmer beats and uplifting melodies are perfect for a slightly mature audience.

Bijoy Krishna has been an aspiring Bhakti practitioner for just over 10 years. Nowadays, he focuses more on his personal and spiritual life. Occasionally he’ll spin music in a club, for a festival or a special event and sometimes work on a studio project. But, Bijoy makes special exceptions for events where the crowd is more spiritually inclined. Those people want to hear modern electronic music; music with positive lyrics, incorporating mantras and eastern or Asian flavours. Whether house or more downtempo, he’s always about beats with bumpy electronic grooves, intricate traditional rhythms & heavy basslines….all of this and much MORE are Bijoy’s signature sound.


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