Perumal Koshy

Perumal Koshy, born in New Delhi of South Indian parents from the state of Kerala, began teaching under a Kung-Fu master while living in Los Angeles. A ten year martial arts life through his teens and early twenties was followed by yoga. This began a yoga journey returning to his ancestral roots of Kerala, India and then England, Italy and Morocco. These experiences lead Perumal to capture the heart and values of the world’s yoga styles. His method is nothing short of being a practical and easily comprehensible form of Yoga. A method which has been implemented successfully to varying practitioners of hard and soft forms.

Mr. Perumal Koshy's comments:

"Teaching yoga in London was a 5 year stretch with numerous weekly group classes over dozens of clubs in and around the city center and suburbs. Following this was 5 years of teaching yoga in Milan, Italy. Milan was an experiences of working intensively with up to 25 private yoga clients at a time which contrasted the large groups of the cosmopolitan London clubs. Italy instilled not only cultural exposure for myself but also an understanding to how the student teacher relationship relates with people of different backgrounds. From the end of 2010, after 10 year of teaching yoga in 2 countries, pursuing a full time yoga retreat schedule became an endeavor. This led me to Marrakech, Morocco with the year round good weather as the ideal place for Yoga with Perumal retreats. Fortunately Ines Stephan, a film producer with over 100 Moroccan commercials spanning 25 years from BMW to Omega, partnered with me to produce the Yoga with Perumal retreats. Yoga with Perumal retreats are in collaboration with partners consisting of well over 50 years of local experience in Morocco. This lead to Yoga with Perumal Moroccan retreats and holidays with an authentic grassroots feel at competitive prices. I look forward to seeing you at one of our retreats. If not pop into our local group or private lesson, reach us for a one on one session at your Marrakech hotel, see us online for video lessons or reach us for creating a retreat and or workshops in your location.”


All sequences offered at the festival are progressive from the least challenging to the more complex. The method is instructed and
applied meditatively and progressively encouraging one to open the body in layers. Each Yoga with Perumal
class is not separate from each other. They are synergistic with each class acting as a step into the next class. All
classes collectively create a whole felt within your entire being.




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